Restoration of Dazhao temple murals nears end


The restoration of murals in Dazhao Temple is now finally reaching its end after more than a year of effort in June 14, 2016. 

Dazhao Temple, built in 1580 during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1662), is the oldest and largest temple in Hohhot. Time has confirmed its classic status, but also led to some degree of decay. Wall deformation, cracking and flaking severely threatened the original condition of the murals in the temple, especially those in the Jing Tang, a place intended for prayer and chanting, and the Fo Dian, containing the Buddha.

Restoration was initiated by officials and artists from the Inner Mongolia mural protection center in April 2015, aiming to recapture the grace and grandness of the temple's murals.

More than 185 square meters of murals will be reinforced or coated and will be on view in October after their restoration is completed.


Ping Shumei, working in the Inner Mongolia mural protection center, is doing reinforcement work. [Photo/Xinhua]


Ren Yayun, working in the Inner Mongolia mural protection center, is checking the repaired walls and murals in the Jing Tang. [Photo/Xinhua]


All the team members responsible for the restoration work are taking a group photo. [Photo/Xinhua]