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Yili prioritizes ecofriendly dairy production


Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group, a top provider of dairy products in China, has anchored low-carbon development and environmental protection into its production model in response to national initiatives to protect the environment.

Yili has invested 150 million yuan ($21.78 million) in renovating manufacturing equipment which was causing heavy pollution in 2016, such as installing fume purifiers, repairing the pools of sewage plants and abandoning coal boilers. Emissions of sulfur dioxide and particulates have been cut by 98 percent and 84 percent respectively.


A factory equipped for ecofriendly production owned by Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group [Photo/xjqnpx.com.cn]

Energy-saving measures have been enacted coinciding with equipment renovation in 103 projects creating 16.14 million yuan in revenue through saving energy. In 2016, Yili’s factories all around China saved more than 778,700 tons of water.

While improving operations and production, Yili also attaches great importance to corporate social responsibility, particularly in protecting the environment. It cooperated with the World Wild Fund for Nature in July 2016 on a project for preserving wetlands in Northeast China to help avoid degradation of local wetlands.

Yili is at the forefront of efforts to protect the environment in the dairy industry and will further its efforts in ecofriendly manufacturing during 2017.


Cows owned by Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group, a provider of dairy products [Photo/xjqnpx.com.cn]