Train showcases cultural heritages


Train No Z316, travelling from Hohhot to Beijing, was transformed into a cultural travel line on 11 June, 2016, China's 11th national Cultural Heritage Day.

Cultural heritage protection activities were held on the train by the Hohhot intangible cultural heritage protection center and the Baotou railway department.

A number of inheritors and disseminators of the intangible cultural heritages were invited to present their skills, such as Mongolian jewelry inlaying, Horinger paper-cutting, Wuchuan oat noodle making and Jin opera, which gave the passengers a tangible taste of the intangible cultures.


A passenger on the train was appreciating the Mongolian leather painting, an intangible cultural heritage item. [Photo/Xinhua]


Guo Heyan, inheritor of the Horinger paper-cutting skill, a state-level intangible cultural heritage item, is teaching passengers how to make paper-cuts. [Photo/Xinhua]


Chen Xiaoyan, inheritor of the Mongolian leather painting skill, is introducing this art form to passengers. [Photo/Xinhua]