Yili promotes ‘Brave Babe’ at Cannes



Zhang Yipeng (R), vice-president of Yili Group poses for a photograph with Terry Savage, chairman of the 2018 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity in France, June 18. [Photo/Yili Group]

Chinese dairy giant Yili Group exhibited "Brave Babe", a customized educational poster, at the 2018 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity in France on June 18. 

The festival is considered the largest gathering of the advertising and creative communications industry. The fact that Brave Babe was such a hit at the festival helped promote Yili's message of corporate social responsibility (CSR) to an international audience.

The Brave Babe poster is actually linked to Yili's charitable project Yili Ark. Focused on the growth of children, the project was initiated by Yili, the Western China Human Resources Development Foundation and the Chinese Red Cross Foundation (CRCF).

Through expert training, case analysis and field trips, Yili Ark makes research reports and provides suitable solutions to the safety problems faced by Chinese children.

The poster, printed with a girl named Brave Babe, teaches children to protect themselves from physical and sexual abuse in an interactive way. If any part of the girl is touched it will sound an audible warning.                                                                                                                      

At present, the Yili Ark project has launched over 70 training activities in 25 provinces and regions across the country, benefiting 200,000 children, parents and teachers. The training topics covered include traffic safety, training on matters concerning sexual abuse, as well as how to prepare for natural disasters.

Through the deployment of Yili Ark and Brave Babe poster, Yili hopes to increase awareness of children and parents, so as to create a safe environment for children's healthy development.


A student touches the foot of Brave Babe in the poster. [Photo/gongyi.ifeng.com]