Oktoberfest beer festival is coming to Hohhot


An Oktoberfest beer festival will be held at Inner Mongolia International Exhibition Center in Hohhot, capital of Inner Mongolia autonomous region, between July 7 and 22, according to an announcement at a press conference on June 25.

Hosted by the Hohhot government and authorized by the brand of Munich's Oktoberfest, the festival is not only a part of this year's Zhaojun Culture Festival, but a global carnival that combines Bavarian style and ethnic Mongolian culture, helping promote cultural exchanges between China and Germany.

Following the decoration as Munich's Oktoberfest with blue or white ribbons and wood tables, the event venue covers an open-air area of 20,000 square meters, capable of hosting over 4,500 drinking and dancing participants.

Classical German beer, HB wheat beer will be provided at the festival. And a series of activities will also be included, such as band performances, traditional Mongolian performances and a German food festival Participants then may enjoy authentic German sausage and other side dishes.

The preparations for the festival are underway. Live video platform Douyin, will be introduced into the festival to attract more Hohhot citizens.