Yili launches charity project in impoverished areas



Xu Ke (Left), vice-president of Yili Group, donates 21 million yuan through the project of "Yili Nutrition 2020", June 1. [Photo/Yili Group]

Recently, Chinese dairy giant Yili Group launched a targeted poverty alleviation project that will donate 48,000 cartons of milk to a school in Inner Mongolia's poor area and distribute 21 million yuan ($4.25 million) worth of goods and materials to impoverished areas across 25 provinces and 130 cities and counties.

China has a national strategic goal of overall eradication of poverty by 2020. In 2017, Yili took the lead in responding to the nation's targeted poverty alleviation, launching the charity project Yili Nutrition 2020 to reduce poverty through nutrition surveys, health education and charitable donations in order to bring health and care to children in poor areas.

Yili has been sparing no efforts in promoting poverty alleviation in China. Xu Ke, vice-president of Yili Group, noted that Yili Nutrition 2020 aims to offer nutrition and education to students in poor areas.

"By the end of 2017, the project has been carried out in Yunnan, Gansu, Hubei and Henan provinces, covering more than 120,000 students in impoverished areas in a third of China's provinces. Yili has donated 12 million yuan and 4.8 million cartons of milk through this project," Xu said.

For years, Yili focused on teenagers and made efforts to achieve sustainable development. It has carried out many charitable projects, including Yili Ark, Yili Starry Sky and Yili Future Park.

"Yili's charitable projects closely coincide with the United Nations' sustainable development goals, especially the project implemented for adolescents," said Li Meng, general representative of the UN Global Compact Organization for Asia and Oceania.

In 2018, Yili will invest 21 million yuan in Yili Nutrition 2020 and donate 6.24 million cartons of milk, benefiting poor areas in 25 provinces, 130 cities and counties and 12,000 schools throughout China.