Yili uses latest tech to increase quality, profit



Zhang Yipeng, vice-president of Yili Group talks about the company's development of intelligent solutions at the second World Intelligence Congress in Tianjin, May 18. [Photo/hljnews.com.cn]

Chinese dairy giant Yili Group shared its experience in the development of intelligent dairy technology at the second World Intelligence Congress held in Tianjin, between May 16 and 20.

According to the firm's vice-president, Zhang Yipeng, the company is embracing intelligent solutions throughout its manufacturing and supply chain.

Utilizing big data technology, Yili has established a platform made up of data from 420 different sources, said Zhang.

Statistics from the platform not only help track the needs of consumers, but suggest the best transportation routes to ensure fresh dairy products for every consumer.

Yili's platform also helps the company plan its manufacturing by collecting consumer feedback on its products, enabling the company to meet its targets for sustainable development. 

During the production process, the fully automatic technology is adapted, increasing efficiency and avoiding human error.

By focusing on the development of intelligent solutions for its manufacturing processes, Yili can better provide consumers with the best products and services.


A mechanical hand works at an industrial park of Yili Group. [Photo/Yili Group]