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A glance at the pastures of Yili



A worker poses for a photograph with the No 5876 cow at a pasture of Yili Group. Cows in the pastures of Yili will be sorted by their date of birth. They will be put on a number card after birth to facilitate the management. [Photo/Yili Group]


Cows are pictured at a natural pasture of Yili Group. In 2015, Yili had more than 2400 self-constructive, under-constructive and co-operative pastures in total. [Photo/Yili Group]


Cows graze at a pasture of Yili Group. [Photo/Yili Group]


A cow is pictured at a pasture of Yili Group. Cows are in intensive care in Yili's pasture for high quality milk resources. [Photo/Yili Group]