Yili honored at annual health forum



Representatives from companies including Yili Group show the award certificate at the 11th Healthy China Forum in Beijing, Jan 8. [Photo/Yili Group]

China's dairy leader Yili Group won the outstanding contributing award for 2018 at the 11th Healthy China Forum held in Beijing, on Jan 8.

The forum, themed on healthy China, is one of the most influential and authoritative forum of the health sector in China.

Yili released its health system at the previous forum, putting forward its strategy of improving the quality of products for green development.

Under the guidance of its health system, Yili has continued to upgrade its food products for customers of all ages.

In 2017, the company established the first national data base of breast milk and developed the Pro-kido formula milk powder for infants and young children based on the research achievements.

To meet the demands of customers over the age of 40, the company developed the formula milk powder based on the national standard of dietary reference intakes and added the living bifidobacteria in the milk powder for the middle-aging and elderly customers.

Over the past year, Yili released more than ten new products, wining popularity in the global food market.  

The forum also announced lists to honor individuals who have made great contributions to health sector.

China's State Council issued the Healthy China 2030 blueprint in 2016, making the health of each citizen a precondition for future economic and social development.

According to the blueprint, the health market in China is expected to reach 16 trillion yuan ($2.32 trillion), becoming a new engine to power the country's economy.