Yili wins honor at annual dairy meeting


A group of enterprises including Hohhot-based Yili Group won honors for their performance in quality control and management of dairy products during the second annual dairy meeting held in Beijing on Jan 21.

The meeting, organized by China Dairy Industry Association (CIDA) was first launched last year.

During the meeting, Yili Group proposed the quality control strategy based on consumers' assessments and demands.

According to the strategy, Yili will improve and upgrade their products based on consumers' assessments.

Yili has established intelligent systems to manage the process of dairy farming and production, and to ensure the stable supply of high-quality milk sources. In 2010, the group set up a Dairy Cow Science Academy to develop and promote advanced breeding technologies.   

To ensure the safe transportation of raw milk, the group installed video surveillance and positioning systems in all milk transportation vehicles to monitor and manage the transportation process around the clock.

By employing advanced equipment, Yili's factories adopted intelligent manufacturing. The information-based system could collect and analyze data in terms of research and development, cost control, quality guarantee and product circulation, and minimizing safety risks in the production links.

The group also established a network covering the whole country to monitor product circulation. A "product quality and safety trace system" was released enabling customers to trace products on their smart phones or through the official website.

According to the group, it will continue to improve its quality control and management system to provide consumers with more high quality products.