Yili unveils new sustainability plan



Yili Group releases an action plan on sustainable development during a meeting held on March 21. [Photo/Yili Group]

In an effort to demonstrate its commitment to sustainability, Yili Group released an action plan on March 21 detailing how it would continue to develop in a sustainable manner over the course of this year.

The plan focuses on measures to promote industrial development, quality and innovation, public welfare, nutrition and health –– all in a bid to put sustainability right at the heart of the company's operations.

Pan Gang, chairman of Yili urged the company to promote growth according to the guidance contained in the plan. 

The plan is just one component of Yili's efforts to make sustainability a key part of all its operations, with sustainable mutually-beneficial industrial chains designed according to the World Integrally Sharing Health (WISH) system established in 2017.


Pan Gang, chairman of Yili is pictured at the meeting, March 21. [Photo/Yili Group]