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Inner Mongolia Museum



Inner Mongolia Museum [Photo/Ifw.huhhot.gov] 

Located at the intersection of Dongerhuan Road and Xinhua East Street in Hohhot, the Inner Mongolia Museum occupies 50,000 square meters. With unique architectural style and advanced equipment, the museum contains both Mongolian and modern Chinese characteristics, with many objects representing local history and traditions, some of which are from other museums in Inner Mongolia or Shanxi province. It also contains a vessel sent by the Central Government 2007 on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. It has several sections, including a demonstration area, antique storeroom, service area, research and development area and multifunctional hall. With the theme of prairie culture, major exhibitions occupy the second, third and fourth floors, fully demonstrating the unique landscapes and ethnic culture of North China. 

Bus: 2/3/16/27/53/67/72/75/80/83

Tel: 0471-4614000

Official website: http://www.nmgbwy.com