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Chilechuan culture tourism park



Chilechuan culture tourism park [Photo/zgbfly.gov]

Also known as Hasu Lake, Chilechuan culture tourism park, is located in the Tumd Right Banner, 60 kilometers from the urban center of Hohhot, North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region. Chilechuan refers to the vast meadows spreading from Hasu Lake to Daqing Mountain, which were depicted as signature prairie culture in the ancient song Chile Ge during the Northern and Southern Dynasty (420-589). Covering 100 square kilometers, the area comprises three parks, including a cultural industry park, a wetland park and a leisure park. The cultural industry park, featured with museums, theatres and camps, is a place to learn the culture of the Mongol nationality. And the wetland park has a major scenic spot Hasu Lake, covering an area of 30 sq km. Visitors can also visit the leisure park to experience hot spring and spa as well as amusement parks. The area was selected as a national 4A grade scenic site in 2016.