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Shenquan Eco-tourism Scenic Spot



ShenQuan Ecotourism Scenic Spot [Photo/zgbfly.gov]

ShenQuan Ecotourism Scenic Spot is located on the banks of the Yellow River, 11 kilometers from Hohhot and next to the cities of Baotou and Erdos. Construction of the area started on April 28, 2007, and completed on Aug 28, 2010. Shenquan, which means “magic spring”, was named after a perennial spring in the area. The scenic area spans the Yellow River with a 420,000-square-meter garden on the left bank and a Kubuqi desert area on the right. The two areas are linked by a 845-meter-long cableway. In the garden, there are scenic spots like Shenquan, a teahouse, Guanyin Temple, Emerald Lake and a rare bird pavilion. On the right bank, visitors can taste desert life by surfing on the sand, riding camels, driving SUVs (sports utility vehicles) and enjoying views of a forest of desert poplars. The area was selected as a national 4A grade scenic site in 2010.

Opening hours: 8:30-18:00

Tel: 047-18518784

Official website: http://www.shenquanjingqu.com/