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Zhaojun Museum



Zhaojun Museum [Photo/VCG]

Zhaojun Museum is located on the south bank of Dahei River, nine kilometers from Hohhot, the capital of the Inner Mongolia autonomous region. The museum was built to memorize Wang Zhaojun, a famous beauty from the Han Dynasty (206 BC-AD 220) who was married to the chief of the Xiongnu ethnic group by the emperor for political reasons. Covering 132,000 square meters, the museum comprises Zhaojun Tomb, the Cultural Museum of the Xiongnu, the Tent of Chanyu (chief of the Xiongnu), a bridal palace, a Zhaojun house and an exhibition hall of paintings and calligraphy. Statistics show that Zhaojun Tomb is one of the biggest tombs from the Han Dynasty, with a height of 33 meters and floor space of 13,000 square meters. The museum was selected as a national 4A grade scenic site in 2009. Visitors can get there by taking bus lines 55, 27, 62, or 6 before transferring to line 44 at Nongye Xuexiao station.