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Hohhot's Xincheng district launches ecotourism routes

2020-07-15 (chinadaily.com.cn)

Xincheng district in Hohhot -- capital of North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region -- has launched a two-day tour featuring ecotourism, according to local media reports.

The tourism route passes through the major scenic spots in Hohhot including the Chilechuan Grassland, Daqing Mountain and Halaqin Ecological Park.

Day 1:

Chilechuan Grassland

Located south of Yematu village, the Chilechuan Grassland is a national 5A-level tourist attraction. It covers an area of 17,000 mu, or 1,133 hectares, mainly of natural grass – featuring a total of more than 40 kinds of grass. It is the grassland scenic spot nearest to Hohhot.


The Chilechuan grassland is verdant and lush, under the blue sky in Hohhot [Photo/huhhot.gov.cn]

Mountaineering fitness trail at Daqing Mountain

The Daqingshan National Mountaineering Fitness Trail has been established in the northeast of the Xincheng district, which is the hinterland of the Daqing Mountain Nature Reserve.

The trail is 100 kilometers long, with the highest point at Pingdingshan, at an altitude of 1,966 meters.

There is magnificent natural scenery along the trail with forests, valleys, rock walls and waterfalls.


A view of a section of the fitness trail at Daqing Mountain [Photo/huhhot.gov.cn]

Taiwei Sports and Leisure Resort

The Inner Mongolia Daqingshan Taiwei Sports and Leisure Resort is located at the southern foot of Daqing Mountain and is rated as a national 4A-level tourist attraction.

The resort has accommodation, catering, barbecues, outdoor and parent-child activities.


A tranquil scene at the Taiwei Sports and Leisure Resort [Photo/huhhot.gov.cn] 

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