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Shengshuiliang scenic area gets an upgrade

2020-07-16 (chinadaily.com.cn)


Tourists dressed in Mongolian costume cavort on the grass. [Photo/northnews.cn]

The natural landscape of the Shengshuiliang scenic area in Hohhot -- in North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region -- was recently greatly improved and its vegetation regenerated during its closure for environmental restoration, according to local media reports. 

2 (水印).jpg

A panoramic view of alpine grassland and forest [Photo/Hohhot Evening News]

The much-improved scenic area was reopened to the public recently, with sightseeing buses and tourist centers added for good measure, the convenience of visitors. 

3 (水印).jpg

Flowers are currently in bloom in the scenic area. [Photo/Hohhot Evening News]

The Shengshuiliang scenic area is located in Daqingshan National Ecological Reserve, about 30 kilometers north of Hohhot’s urban areas.

It boasts rich grassland and forest scenery and is known as "Hohhot's backyard garden".