Hohhot marks the Winter Solstice

2020-12-22 (en.hhhtnews.com)


People in Changhelang residential community in Hohhot, North China's Inner Mongolia, have fun making dumplings together on Dec 20 to celebrate this year's Winter Solstice, which arrived on Dec 21. Winter Solstice is the 22nd of the 24 solar terms and marks the arrival of the coldest weather of the year. Eating dumplings is said to protect your ears from getting frostbite. [Photo/cfp.cn]


Hohhot residents make dumplings, Dec 20. Winter Solstice marks the arrival of the coldest weather of the year. During Winter Solstice in North China, eating dumplings is essential when celebrating the festival; in South China, people eat tang yuan, a kind of stuffed small dumpling ball made of glutinous rice flour. [Photo/cfp.cn]


Hohhot residents taste the dumplings they made by themselves, Dec 20. [Photo/cfp.cn]