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Hohhot City Brain launched on Jan 20

2021-01-22 (en.hhhtnews.com)

The Hohhot City Brain was officially launched on Jan 20, marking the first "city-level" city brain in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region,

The Hohhot City Brain is composed of a city brain intelligence center and four basic support systems: perception, data, security, and the Aiqingcheng app, as well as various applications generated from it.

Through the basic framework constructed using the "1+4+N" system, Hohhot is to establish and improve a big data-assisted scientific decision-making and social governance mechanism, and promote the innovation of government management and social governance models, so as to realize scientific government decision-making, precise social governance, and efficient public services.

Hohhot City Brain started construction in October 2020, and the construction took 100 days.

Next, while accelerating the improvement of smart application pilots, Hohhot will continue to develop application functions, continuously tune application efficiency, and explore the formation of a mature construction model that can be replicated and promoted.