Cultural activities held in Hohhot to celebrate holidays

2021-02-24 (en.hhhtnews.com)

hohhot 1.jpg

Local residents do the yangge dance (a Chinese folk dance usually done during festivals). [Photo/nm.people.com]

A host of cultural activities have been - and will continue to be - organized to celebrate Chinese New Year in Hohhot, the capital city of North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region, according to the Hohhot bureau of culture, tourism, radio, film and television. Local residents can participate in these events offline or online, where they can feel the festival atmosphere "in the cloud". 

The internet has a significant role to play in the post-pandemic period. Five experts will display their expertise in traditional customs via short video "vlogs" from Feb 10 to 26. In addition, more than 10 non-material cultural heritage inheritors will teach people online how to do paper-cutting and sugar painting (a special kind of painting done using hot sugar, which can be appreciated and then eaten). 

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Thousands of lanterns are lit at night in Dazhao Square [Photo/nm.people.com]

Offline events are also thriving. Hohhot citizens can enjoy various art exhibitions held between Jan 23 and March 1 on the second and fourth floors of the Hohhot National Art Museum.

To celebrate the upcoming Lantern Festival, the Hohhot government will deliver shows themed around non-material cultural heritage, invite celebrities to perform concerts, and preside over story-telling parties focused on folk traditions.