Yili selected as national advanced group for poverty alleviation


Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co Ltd (Yili Group) was awarded the honorary title of "National Advanced Groups for Poverty Alleviation" on Feb 25, in recognition of its poverty alleviation efforts.

Over the years, Yili Group has gradually explored a targeted poverty alleviation model of industrial bases, combined with the industrial characteristics of poverty-stricken areas, and helped lift poor people out of poverty through the development of planting and breeding industries. At the same time, the group has actively carried out educational poverty alleviation and employment support.

For many years, Yili Group has focused on the industrial layout in poor areas. In 2020, Yili started the construction of a number of industrial cluster projects in Hulunbuir, Hinggan League, Bayannuur, Tongliao, and Ulaanqab, injecting new vitality into the fight against poverty.