Government's 'to-do list' simplifies Hohhot people's life

2021-03-30 (chinadaily.com.cn)

In response to calls for the devolution of powers to governments at lower levels and the minimizing of work procedures, Hohhot bureau of administrative review and government services released a "to-do list" on March 26, which contains eight items closely related to the wellbeing of local people.

The to-do list is intended to reduce the unnecessary work procedures existing in government services. It covers areas like bill payments, healthcare, social insurance, employment, retirement, school enrollment and the deregistration of the deceased.

For example, by the end of June 2021, another 28 review items that don't require an in-person presence will be added to the original 72 items. The government system will be upgraded, and redundant information (information that has been collected repeatedly) will be deleted. Meanwhile, the system's data sharing and verification functions will further improve.

The online social insurance application system will be launched at the end of September. The system will render its services to college graduates, laid-off workers, freelance workers and other groups.