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North China's Hohhot city grows ever greener

2021-04-28 (en.hhhtnews.com)


A view of modern Hohhot city in Inner Mongolia [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

In recent years, Hohhot – capital city of North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region – has vigorously promoted the national and local environmental and ecological development project, as well as its industrial transformation.

In the wake of these efforts, the city's forest coverage rate has grown to the current level of 23 percent, while the forest area has reached 5.95 million mu (396,700 hectares).

The stock volume of standing trees has increased to 8.12 million cubic meters currently.

The green coverage of the urban built-up areas has reached an estimated 40.1 percent.

Meanwhile, Hohhot has cultivated and formed industries such as the dairy industry, photovoltaic materials, biomedicines, the modern energy and chemicals sector, big data cloud computing and the modern service industry.

In the dairy industry, Hohhot has launched a number of major projects such as the Yili Modern Wisdom Health Valley and Mengniu Dairy Industrial Park.

The city was recently again awarded the title of "China's Dairy City" by the China Dairy Industry Association.

In terms of photovoltaic materials, relying on the Zhonghuan Photovoltaic Industrial Park, nearly 40 gigawatts of annual photovoltaic-grade monocrystalline production capacity has been established.

In the field of biomedicines, Jinyu Biological Pharmaceutical Co, which has three national-level laboratories, has established the world's biggest smart foot-and-mouth vaccine manufacturing base there and has been recognized as an autonomous region-level manufacturing innovation center.