Hohhot greenway promotes quality urban living

2021-07-06 (en.hhhtnews.com)


A senior resident cycles along the urban greenway in Hohhot. [Photo/Hohhot Daily]

The city of Hohhot in North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region has been making strides in promoting its urban environment by creating a new greenway through the city, according to local media reports.

The Xiaoheihe urban greenway has a total length of 79.8 kilometers. Different construction techniques have been used according to different road types and conditions on the ground.

At present, the northern line of the Xiaoheihe greenway is basically fully accessible. The greenway along the southern side will gradually open for business.


An urban greenway along the river in Hohhot [Photo/Hohhot Daily]

The greenway connects major parks, nature reserves, scenic spots, historical sites and urban and rural residential areas in the city. It is conducive to the better protection and utilization of natural, historical and cultural resources, and provides residents with more space for recreation.

Hohhot is to build an urban greenway system, and plans to build 850 kilometers of greenways within five years.