Students have a ball as Hohhot celebrates Mid-Autumn Festival

2021-09-18 (en.hhhtnews.com)


Students take part in a mooncake-making activity in Hohhot, capital of North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region, on Sept 16, in celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival, a traditional Chinese event celebrated annually on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month. [Photo/CFP]


Hohhot students taste their handmade mooncakes on Sept 16. This year's Mid-Autumn Festival falls on Sept 21. The festival celebrates three fundamental concepts which are closely tied to one another: gathering, giving thanks and praying. It is a time for outdoor reunions of friends and relatives. Traditional activities include eating mooncakes, gazing at the full moon and guessing lantern riddles – an activity involving writing riddles on lanterns while others try to guess the answers. [Photo/CFP]


Students have fun making mooncakes, Sept 16. [Photo/CFP]


A student paints a clay rabbit on Sept 16. Worshipping clay rabbits was once a popular Chinese tradition in North China. People believed they could bring joy, health and happiness to children during the Mid-Autumn Festival. [Photo/CFP]


Students paint festival lanterns in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, Sept 16. [Photo/CFP]


A student shows off her hand-painted clay rabbits, Sept 16. [Photo/CFP]