Hohhot artist takes three-dimensional layered painting journey



Sun Wei engages in creating a three-dimensional layered painting at his studio in North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region. A three-dimensional layered painting is a flat painting composed of multiple layers of transparent media, and superimposed at different intervals to form a three-dimensional image. [Photo/people.com.cn]


In order to achieve a multi-dimensional stereoscopic visual effect, Sun carefully creates in his own studio. The main materials used for three-dimensional layered paintings are generally transparent materials such as glass, resin, film, and silk as well as pigment and color concentrates. [Photo/people.com.cn]


According to Sun, the three-dimensional layered paintings are painted on transparent materials such as colloid and resin, so they need a matching container. The container can not only enhance the artistic conception that the artist wants to express, but also highlight the decorative effects. [Photo/people.com.cn]


Most of Sun's paintings are created in root carvings and large shells. Three-dimensional layer paintings generally feature aquatic creatures such as fish, shrimp and crabs as the main creative themes. Other creative themes such as landscapes and characters can also be created. [Photo/people.com.cn]


One of Sun's three-dimensional layered paintings. [Photo/people.com.cn]


A set of fish themed artworks created by Sun [Photo/people.com.cn]