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Sci-tech boosts industrial development in Hohhot city


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The dairy industry is widely viewed as one of Hohhot city's most competitive areas of endeavor. [Photo/Hohhot Daily]

Hohhot city – the capital of North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region – has made marked advancements in sci-tech innovation in a bid to boost its industrial development, according to a report in the Hohhot Daily.

The city currently boasts 193 innovative platforms and carriers at all levels and 464 research and development institutions of various types.

Two major local dairy companies, Yili and Mengniu, participated in the "Key Technologies for Milk and Milk Product Safety Control and Quality Improvement" project last year and won second place prize in the 2020 National Science and Technology Progress Awards.

The municipal science and technology bureau is understood to have organized and carried out the development of major innovation platforms and key tech breakthroughs in the dairy industry, biomedicines, the grass seed industry, the digital economy and the new materials sector. Its aim has reportedly been to improve the city's technological innovation system and strengthen its industrial supply chain. 


Mengniu Dairy Industrial Park located in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia [Photo/Hohhot Daily]

Hohhot is widely believed to have good foundations when it comes to the biomedical industry. With the implementation of innovative platform carriers and technological projects, it is said to have created the trend for concentrated development in the fields of biological vaccines and pharmaceutical R&D.

To develop a better business environment, last year the municipal science and technology bureau organized bank-enterprise financing matchmaking meetings. This was to understand the technological service needs of businesses and solve problems encountered in the development of enterprises.

In terms of technology financial services, the sci-tech bureau focuses on corporate financing and share market listing needs. At present, four companies have obtained 12 million yuan ($1.9 million) in technology financing from Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, by means of high-tech enterprise qualifications and intellectual property portfolio guarantees.