Hohhot swimming pool, gym reopen to public



The Hohhot Sports Center swimming pool in Hohhot. [Photo/WeChat account of Wenlyu Qingcheng]

Starting on April 24, the swimming pool and comprehensive gymnasium in the Hohhot Sports Center, located in Hohhot, North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region, reopened to the public, according to local media reports.

The sports center is continuing to strictly implement the epidemic prevention and control measures.

Before the reopening of its indoor venues, epidemic prevention and control materials, such as disinfectants, masks and temperature detectors, were purchased and prepared.

The venue needs to keep the environment clean and hygienic every day and the garbage needs to be cleaned up in time.

Public items and public contact parts or areas are required to be cleaned and disinfected.

Before entering the museum, visitors need to show their itinerary cards and Qingcheng Code and have their body temperatures measured.

Visitors are required to wear masks and keep a 1-meter distance when handling their affairs.

Visitors with body temperatures higher than 37.3 C are not allowed to enter the sports center.

In order to strengthen its epidemic prevention and control and reduce crowd gatherings, the number of people present in the swimming pool and ice rinks at the same time must not exceed 50 percent of the approved maximum number of people.