Hohhot launches tourism routes exploring its lovely flowers


Hohhot city – capital of North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region – has launched spring tourism routes featuring glorious flower viewings, in celebration of this year's China Tourism Day which fell on May 19.


Wusutu village hosts its annual apricot flower culture and tourism festival in April. The month is recognized as the best time of all to see the wonderful apricot blooms. The best-selected route is Manduhai Park – Qingcheng Park – Ulanfu Museum – Wusutu village – Helingertai Gedou village. [Photo/Hohhot news network]


Luscious lilacs bloom on the grounds of the General Administration Museum in Hohhot. The best time to appreciate them is May to June. The top flower viewing route for them is General Administration Museum – Qingcheng Park – Manduhai Park – Gongzhufu (Princess Mansion) Park. [Photo/WeChat account of Wenlyu Qingcheng]


Paeonia flowers in vivid colors are always one of the highlights of Nanshan Park in Horinger county, in Hohhot. The best time to visit the park for them is from May to June. The recommended flower viewing route is Mengcao Grass Expo Garden – Helin Nanshan Park – Fanjiayao village in Horinger County – Desheng Peony Professional Cooperative in Wuchuan county. [Photo/Hohhot news network]


Along the route of Kezhen and Hale twons in Wuchuan county to Daqing Mountain Valley in Xincheng district, sunflower and rapeseed fields can be spotted. The best time for a self-driving tour along this route is August and September. [Photo/WeChat account of Wenlyu Qingcheng]


The tourism route, Qingcheng Park – Manduhai Park – Gongzhufu Park – Ulanfu Museum – Green Landscape Belt along Hohhot Metro, features magnificent blooming peach flowers. March to May is considered the optimal period for this route. [Photo/WeChat account of Wenlyu Qingcheng]


Lotus flowers bloom from July to September. The route from Qingcheng Park to Manduhai Park and Hasuhai is recommended to enjoy the sight of them. [Photo/WeChat account of Wenlyu Qingcheng]