Burgeoning Hohhot reports higher green coverage



A panorama of the lush greenery that is prevalent in Hohhot. [Photo/Hohhot Evening News]

Hohhot – capital of North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region – is one of the cities leading the way nationally when it comes to its expanding greenery, according to the 2022 national urban landscaping industry information statistics.

As of July 2022, Hohhot had a total of 333 parks, 10,999 hectares of green space in its built-up area and 4,219 hectares of green park space. Moreover, the green space rate in the built-up area was 40.34 percent and the overall green coverage rate was 43.21 percent.

In recent years, Hohhot has actively promoted the establishment of urban greenways, which has laid a good foundation for the development of a park city. The total length of greenways now and the number of pocket parks rank it first in the autonomous region.

This year, Hohhot will establish and renovate 300 pocket parks and green community activity venues, establish and renovate 300 kilometers of urban greenways, build a new sponge park demonstration park and develop Daheihe Country Ecological Park.


This urban greenway in the city offers peace and tranquility for locals. [Photo/Hohhot Evening News]