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    Hohhot marks the Winter Solstice

    People in Changhelang residential community in Hohhot, North China's Inner Mongolia, have fun making dumplings together on Dec 20 to celebrate this year's Winter Solstice, which arrived on Dec 21.

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    21st Zhaojun Culture Festival launches in N China's Hohhot

    The 21st Zhaojun Culture Festival's opening ceremony was held on Oct 1 in Hohhot, the capital city of North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region.

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    Mooncake-making class heralds Mid-Autumn Festival

    Children of Shitouxiang Primary School took part in a mooncake-making activity in Hohhot, on Sept 24, heralding Mid-Autumn Festival.

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    Inner Mongolia Grassland Cultural Festival kicks off

    The 17th Inner Mongolia Grassland Cultural Festival kicked off in Hohhot, capital city of North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region on Aug 8.

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    Hohhot's Monishan town showcases its traditional culture

    More than 80 handicraft and other intangible cultural heritage projects in Inner Mongolia and surrounding areas are currently being displayed in Monishan town -- including naoge performances, Inner Mongolian leather carvings and shaomai making.

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    Mongolian chor

    One of North China Inner Mongolia autonomous region’s renowned musical instruments, the chor is known as a “cultural diamond” there and was widely played in the Horqin Grasslands as early as the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) – becoming one of the main instruments for court music.

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